Tires, part 2

Tires Part 2. Everyday maintenance and care of the tires on your RV will go a long way to keeping you safe. Each tire you have on the rig is rated for load carrying capacity. This load rating (usually a letter) determines how much weight the tire can handle at a given PSI of pressure. The lower the pressure the lower the weight handling capability. Each manufacture provides the weight/load capacity for their tires. For example Goodyear has a chart (PDF) that shows a 12R22.5 tire for an RV at a PSI of 90 can handle 6005 lbs. That same tire at 100 PSI can handle 6405 lbs. So a 10 percent drop in tire pressure would mean a loss of 400 lbs carrying capacity for your rig. What does that mean? Over weight rigs on under pressure tires could cause a failure of the tire and damage or death. What pressure are your tires?

Make it a habit to check your tire pressures before each trip. Know your the weight of your RV and keep the pressures for your tires appropriate for the weight. Be safe, your life or the lives of your love ones depends on it.

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