Tip of the Day… Water Heater

Water heaters are beginning to get complicated. It use to be and the majority still are built by two companies, Atwood and Suburban. Atwood used aluminum tanks and Suburban steel. Because of the steel tank, Suburban heaters have an Anode rod that should be replaced at least every other year or when it wears out. Lately two other water heaters have come on the market. One is the tank-less water heater or on demand and the other is the Aqua Hot System. Aqua hot is a combination heater/water heater and will only be found in high end units at this time. Regardless of the water heater type the testing is the same. Make sure water, propane and electric are available. Ensure the water tank is filled with water and turn on the unit. Wait about 30 minutes for the tank to heat up. Turn on the hot water. With the thermometer, check and record the temperature. It should be about 140 degrees.
Some older units may not have an automatic pilot and you will have to manually light them. Make sure you have a butane lighter like the ones use to like charcoal fires with you just in case.

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