Tip of the Day…Running Gear. Part 1 – Motorhome

Tip of the Day…Running Gear. Part 1 – Motorhome.  I have already talked about  oil and transmission fluid analysis.  I have also talked about the test drive.  So this section will be covering the rest of the RV Running Gear.  Starting with the engine compartment.  Is it clean? Signs of oil leaks? Any exhaust leaks?  Coolant condition?  As a note, it is not a bad idea to have the antifreeze coolant sample taken and analyzed.  This will often tell you if there are any problems with the heads as well as if the fluid should be changed.
Check the belts, fan blades and coolant leaks.  Check the wheels for signs of oil/grease leaks.  Get under the rig, if it can be done safely, and check the frame for signs of damage, excessive rust or bent components.

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