Tip of the Day… Refrigerators

Tip of the Day… Refrigerator continued.  We are still on the outside of the RV checking the refrigerator.  You want to inspect the propane burner area.  You are checking for signs of excessive heat, bugs etc.  With a flashlight see if you can look up the back of the refrigerator.  You want to make sure that the baffles are forcing air by the coils for most efficient cooling operations.  Make sure the electric (both AC and DC) plugs are all fully seated.  Close up the unit and head inside.

Inside we will want to check the operation.  I like the digital instant read thermometers.  Open the freezer and take the temperature.  You want to take the temp at or near the rear wall by the ice maker if one is installed.  It should read zero.  Make a note of both the temp and the settings on the control panel. If the refrigerator hasn’t been operating for at least 4 hours you may not have an accurate reading.

Now take the temperature in the bottom compartment.  There are two reading here.  First at the top by the fins and the second at the bottom compartment.  Note the temps.  The top temp should be around 35 degrees and the bottom less than 40 degrees.

Check the door seals, locks and operation of the doors.  Check the seals for signs of mold.

Using the refrigerator’s control panel switch operation between AC and Propane.  Make sure there are no error messages/codes displayed.

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