Tip of the Day… Interior

Tip of the Day… Interior .  Shower inspection, open and close the shower door, check for proper operation.  Check the seals at the bottom of the shower, check the bottom for cracks or signs of repair. Working your way up the walls continue checking for cracks and signs of repair.
Many times the shells in the showers crack due to improper installation and poor support underneath.

Moving from the shower to the sink, place the stopper in the bowl and run both hot and cold water.  Make sure the hot water come up to temperature.  Shut off the water and note the level of water in the bowl.  Leave it in the bowl while you check the medicine cabinet.  When you are finished with the bathroom, come back and note the level of the water for leaking.  This isn’t a major issue but something to be aware of.

The medicine cabinet is simple, look over the mirror for signs of deterioration.  Open and close the door.  When it is open check for rust and broken shelves.

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