Tip of the Day… Interior Part 4

Tip of the Day — Interior Inspection Part 4 Lighting, Fans and other Components.  Turn on each light and make sure they work.  Operate all the light switches.  Note which switches do what.

Operate all the fans.  If this is a motorized unit, check the dash fans as well.  Check around the ceiling fans to determine if there are any moisture leaks.  Operate the ceiling vents.

When it comes to other components these are mostly safety related.  Any item in this list that is missing or does not work should be replaced before using the unit.

You will need a butane lighter and a cigar or cigarette to perform these tests.  Locate the LP detector.  This will be near the floor usually near the water heater.  Using the butane lighter, open the valve, BUT DO NOT LIGHT IT.  Place it near the front of the detector.  Within a minute the alarm should sound.  If not the unit needs to be replaced.  LP Detectors have a lifespan of 7 years at most.  If the unit is older than 7 years you will want to replace the detectors.

For the smoke detector, light a cigarette or cigar and let the smoke flow into the smoke detector.  The detector should go off.  If not replace it.

There is no easy way to test the CO detectors other than with the test button.  Press it to test.  Replace if it fails to go off.

Some of the detectors will operate on batteries.  If they fail to operate, replace the batteries and try again.

The final item to check is the fire extinguisher.  Depending on the size and type of unit, you will need either a 5 or 10 lb fire extinguisher.  If the unit is motorized (class A, B or C) you should have a 10 lb fire extinguisher.  Verify that it is charged via the pressure gauge.  If it does not have a pressure gauge, have the unit checked or replaced.

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