Tip of the Day… Interior Part 3

Tip of the Day … Interior Inspection Part 3 Furniture Conditions.  Starting at the front of the rig, if it is motorized, you want to check the drivers and passengers seating.  Look for separation of the fabric, stains and excessive signs of wear.  Check the operation of the controls.

Move into the living area and check the sofa.  Many sofas our sleeping areas as well.  If the sofa is for sleeping, check the operation to make sure everything operates the way it should. Check the condition and fabric for excessive signs of wear.  Check the chairs in the living area for excessive signs of wear and tear.  If the chairs have multiple modes of operation, check them as well.

Now for the dining area.  How many chairs?  Do they fold when not in use?  Check the fabric and frame for excessive wear and tear.  Check the table for sturdiness.  Does the table fold up or store in any way?  Does it convert into a sleeping area?  Check its operation.

Moving to the bedroom … Most bed have storage underneath.  Lift the bed and check the operation.   Lift the mattress and check for stains and condition.

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