Tip of the Day… Interior Part 1

Tip of the Day… Interior Inspection Part 1 Ceiling, Walls and Floor.  The key things you want to concentrate on are areas of damage due to moisture, either from outside or humidity.  The first thing you want to do when you open the door is to use your nose.  What do you smell?  Does it smell musty or moldy?  Did the owner spray air freshener prior to you getting there?  Then like the roof inspection, start at one corner and inspect the ceiling and floor areas for discoloration and moisture.  Use your hands to check for moisture along the floor and wall areas.  Pay attention to the corners of all areas especially the areas around the corners of the rig.  This is where the majority of leaks occur.

Check the floors for soft spots and other indications of leaks or moisture.  What condition is the carpet and tiling in?

Now look at the ceiling.  Any signs of discoloration or stains?  Feel along the seams for any loosening of the ceiling from the roofing supports.

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