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Tip of the Day… Appliances.  This is a subject near and dear to the hearts of most women and as such can not be over looked 🙂  Our RV are our homes on wheels.  They can be equipped with all the conveniences of home including dish washers, washer/dryers, microwave, convection ovens, gas ovens, stoves, refrigerators, ice makers, wine cabinets, fireplaces and more.

Probably the most important appliance to check and the one that most of us do not understand is the refrigerator.  Unlike the home appliance this one is designed to work on propane and DC or Electric (AC). Regardless of the operation, it works on the principle of absorption.  Gas is heated to a high temperature then passed through a very small orifice to compress it.  Once through the orifice it expands.  This expansion cause the gas to cool. This cooling forces the gas to absorb heat (in our case from the freezer and then the  refrigerator compartments).  There are no pumps, condensers etc as are found in home refrigerators. Everything is done due to movement of the gases within a closed system.  Heat rises, cool drops etc.

To check the refrigerator is going to take HOURS!  Turn it on as soon as you begin the inspection if it hasn’t been turned on before you got there.  Starting on the outside of the RV, open the inspection door.  Check the area for any yellowish/green residue.  This is an indication of leaking and will require the refrigerator to be replaced.  Also check for signs of modifications due to recalls.  Please note this is something every RV Refrigerator has probably has had done.  So you want to find recall modifications.  If none are found, check.  Even if they are done, you will want to check the serial numbers for updates.  There are two manufactures of refrigerators.  Domentic and Norcold and both have websites to check the recalls.  You will need the units serial numbers.  One will be in the inside door area the other will be outside on the condenser.  Note the model number and serial numbers so you can check the recalls.

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