Tip of the Day… Interior Continued

Tip of the Day… Interior Continues. Drivers area for drivable RVs.  Many drivable RV has privacy curtains. Slide the curtains closed and look for stains, tears, discoloration, shrinkage, damage and repairs.  Does the fabric match the decor.  Next check the sun shades.  Some of these are electric and others are manual.  Operate to insure operation both up and down.

Map Lights, check lights for operation.  Be careful as map lights are often Halagon spot lights and will be hot, even after a few minutes of use.

Now is a good time to check out the dash.  Many features will require the engine to be running.  I will cover the starting with the engine check out.  For now, put the ignition in the Accessory position, do not start the engine. Check the radio, lights, dash indicators etc.  Note any indicator that does not seem to function. Some of these may need the engine to work and you will need to recheck them after starting the engine.

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