Tip of the day… AC Circuits

Tip of the day… AC.  Electrical Systems on RV consist of 3 different circuits.  120 volts AC, 12 Volts DC for the house/trailer, and 12 Volts DC for the coach.  The 120 Volts AC is typically supplied by either the generator or shore power (don’t ask me why they call it shore power, I don’t know).

This 120 v runs the lights, microwave, tvs, stereo, refrig and air conditioners to name a few items.  Depending on the unit it may also run into an inverter and charge the house batteries.  The first place that you as the buyer want to check is the fuse/circuit breaker box.

This is the first place that the AC will be available.  You want to make sure that the circuit breakers and fuses are all operational and that no loose connections can be seen.  Next you will need a circuit tester.  This is a three prong device used to check AC outlets.  Test every outlet in the RV.  Making sure that the tester indicates correct readings.  Make sure you check the storage areas as well.  Note any outlet not reading properly.

Next you want to find the GFI circuit. This is usually in the bathroom.  It will have GFI and a test/reset switch on the outlet.  Press the test button and recheck ALL of the outlets.  Make a note of those that no longer work.  These are all controlled by the GFI Circuit that you just tripped.  Again, make sure you test the ones outside as well.  You will be surprised at the number of outlets that are wired together.

If your unit has a converter/inverter unit, it more than likely also has at least one circuit breaker.  This is a good time to test it and see what outlets are controlled by the unit.  Some will have 3 or more circuit breakers.  Test then individually so you can identify which is which.  When the lights go out because one of the kids is running the hair dryer, while the microwave and coffee maker are on, you will be glad you did this.

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