Stabilizer Maintenance

Stabilizer Maintenance
Maintenance of the stabilizers is basically the same for electric or hydraulic.   Keep the springs clean and properly attached.  If they appear to be loose or stretched out, it is time for replacing them.  Some stabilizers have internal springs.  If the stabilizer fails to retract fully then maintenance is required.

The pads should be clean and flat when extended.  You do not want the pads to be sloping or unstable this could cause damage to the stabilizer.  Clean the stabilizer rods with hydraulic oil.  Periodic retracting the stabilizers when in long term use will help keep the rods clean and lubricated.

When using your stabilizers, it is a good idea to use pads, wood or other blocking under the pads.  This will help keep the pad clean, prevent sinking into the ground and spread the weight of the rig over a larger area, providing a more stable set up.

Check the fluid levels of the hydraulic system at least once a month.  Fill with the proper fluid as required.

Read you manual for proper maintenance intervals and operation.  If you don’t have the manual, check online for the manufacturers recommendations.  Always follow the safety instructions when operating your stabilizers.

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