Slide Outs

Today’s tip deals with slide outs. Many of the RV today have slide outs. They help increase the living space. There are several things you need to look at when inspecting them prior to buying.
There are two sets of seals. One on the slide out and one on the main body of the rig. The one on the slide out is used when you retract the rig. It should go all the way around the slide out. You want to make sure that this seal is clean, soft, pliable and without any tears. With the slide out fully retracted you want to make sure there are no gaps anywhere around the slide out. You can test for possible leaking areas by putting strips of paper between the rig and the slide out before bringing fully retracting. If the papers pullout with no resistance, the slide out could leak in those areas.
The second set of seals is on the rig body and they are used with the slide out is extended. These will be inside the rig. As with the external seals they should be complete around the slide without tears etc. You will need to inspect these prior to fully extending the slide. Watch around the lower areas of the slide. If the slide out does not extend all the way, you will get water, dust, dirt, bugs etc in the rig from these areas.
If the slide does not seal all way around it is possible to adjust it. Contact your dealer or a certified RV repairman to have them look at what needs to be done.

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