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Are you thinking of buying a Recreational Vehicle?  Did you know that most recreational vehicles have some kind of ‘issue’ whether they are new or used?  Have you thought of having a third party inspect the RV you are going to purchase?

Why are these questions important and what do they have to do with RV Inspection Service?  Pre-sale RV inspections are a growing trend around the country.  Think of them as a home inspection for recreational vehicles.  Many banks, insurance companies and after market warranty companies are requiring a third party inspection prior to providing their services.  They know that the recreational vehicles today are complicated pieces of mobile equipment that can have serious defects and don’t want to be liable for those repairs or the potential loss of their collateral.

RV Inspection Service and our partners and associates around the country are certified to inspect RV by the National Recreational Vehicle Association (NRVIA) to perform a through inspection of safety and usability issues.  These inspections take 3-5 hours and cover most of the RV systems and structure.

We can’t be everywhere, as such we recommend contacting RV Inspection Connection, a nationwide RV Inspection service.  We may or may not be the inspection service doing your inspection, but you can be assured that we will be involved with ensuring you are satisfied with your report and the process.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


4 thoughts on “RV Inspection Service About Us”

  1. Raymond
    Congratulations on your new books….

    I do need you to make sure you correct any comment that would indicate you are a subcontractor with RV Inspection Connection (for an example…see your comment in the above in the above section RV Inspection Service About Us.) My records do not indicate you are a contractor with RVIC.

    Press on and again congratulations on your new books.


  2. Raymond, received your book and there is some good information however, I was very disappointed the book does not have any numbered pages! Who is your publisher and proof writer? Very unhappy customer.

  3. I saw your OLD post in nrvia…
    would like to know your opinions and thoughts.
    I just passed L1 with them.
    you can call or email me back if you want.

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