Recreational Vehicle Report

A Recreational Vehicle Inspection report is the result of a visual inspection of the structure and components of a RV at a specific point in time.  RV Inspectors look at the RV to see that all systems are performing correctly and safely. If a problem or a symptom of a problem is found, an RV inspection report will include a description of the problem and may recommend further evaluation.  It is often helpful if the prospective buyer/seller or a representative attends the inspection. If you cannot attend the entire time, it is a good idea to meet the inspector at the site.  That will give time for you to ask questions and for the inspector to show you what he has discovered. This is an excellent way to learn about the recreational vehicle even if no problems are found.

What will be inspected?

Your RV inspector will examine and report on the condition of the following RV systems:

Roof – materials, penetrations, attachments, antennas, vents, air conditioners, general condition;
Exterior – surfaces, doors, windows, steps, tires, jacks, levelers, awnings, slide toppers, decals, paint;
Electrical – AC/DC, Converters, Inverters, fuse and circuit breaker panels, ground fault receptacles, wiring, switches, lighting fixtures, outlets, smoke detectors;
Heating and Cooling – operating controls, furnaces, boilers, fans, ducts, filters, shutoff switches and valves;
Plumbing – shut off valves, water supply piping, drain and waste piping, valves, faucets, leaks, toilets;
Interior – floors, walls, ceiling and trim, counters, cabinets, door and window operation;
Propane – detectors, stove, heater, water heater, gas pressure, tanks and much more.

For more detail on the inspection of each of these systems, consult the NRVIA Standards of Practice.

A Recreational Vehicle Inspection is not protection against future failures, nor does it provide a warranty against future problems.  The report reveals the condition of the components at the time the it was inspected. For protection from future failure you may want to consider a RV Extended Warranty.

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