Getting an RV Inspection

You are one step closer to buying the perfect recreational vehicle.  Now it is time to perform the inspection before putting your hard earned cash on the line.

RV Inspections are like Home Inspections, they require a lot of knowledge and time to perform.  As  a Certified RV Inspector, I take pride in the work I do so do the hundreds of other RV Inspectors I work with.

Unfortunately I can not be everywhere in the country at one time.  In fact, I do travel around the country as a full-time RVer.  That is why I want you to work with Inspection Connections.  As RV Inspectors we work with them directly to perform inspections in our area.  When someone comes to us and wants an inspection outside of our area or at a time we can’t handle, Inspection Connection uses their database of Certified Inspectors to schedule the inspection.  They also handle all the back office type of work, including making sure you understand exactly what will happen and the paperwork required.

You can go directly to Inspection Connection by clicking this link:

Inspection Connection

Once there you can browse their site or simply click on Inspection Types and then Request an Inspection.  You can also talk to a human (most of the time) by calling 800-628-1455.  Please let them know that I (Ray Laubert) referred you.

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Home inspections for the RV

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