If you have a question, you may find the answer in the list of frequently asked questions below. If you do not find an answer here, please contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

1. How much does a RV inspection cost? RV inspections start at $399 for most towables and basic motorized recreational vehicles.  Motorized vehicles can run more based on the additional features you would like to have inspected.  It is recommended that oil, transmission and anti-freeze be tested.  If your unit has a generator that too should be inspected.

2. How long does a typical RV inspection take? Depending on the size and condition of the RV, expect a full inspection to take from 4-5 hours on site.  During this time, inspectors look at all systems in the RV, making notes and taking dozens of pictures.  During a walk-through with the client or the client’s representative immediately following the inspection, the inspector will give a verbal report outlining the main findings.  The inspector will then return to his office and prepare the detailed written report.  This written report, in the form of a PDF file, will be emailed to the client.  Fluid samples will take about a week to be analyzed.

3. Who receives a copy of the inspection report?  You paid for the inspection report. Your RV inspector sends it directly to you and it belongs to you.  Should you choose to purchase the RV, you may use the report to help determine a fair price.  Should you choose to not purchase the home for any reason, the seller, the seller’s agent or your agent may ask for a copy of the report for his own use.  You are under no obligation to give it to anyone, but you are free to do so if you wish.  The decision is yours.

4. Do I need to be present during the inspection? It is not necessary to be present for the full inspection.  Much of the time, your inspector will be crawling around your RV, climbing a ladder, or involved in some other activity that is not easily observed.  It is very highly recommended, however, that you attend for a walk through with the inspector at the end of the inspection.  At that time, the he will point out everything he has observed that cause him any concern at all. It is required that the unit be connected to all utilities, be level and set up as it would be when camping.

5. Can you find problems that have been “hidden” by the seller? We rarely find sellers whom intentionally try to deceive potential purchasers. It is far more common for seller to be unaware of problems that are not visible to the naked eye.

6. Will you recommend tradespeople to do any needed repairs? No, part of our Code of Ethics states that we will not place ourselves in a position of compromise.  We will only recommend repairs that need to be made, it is the your responsibility to determine where and when.

7. Can you tell me what repairs will cost? The cost of repairs is impossible to determine until a qualified RV repairman has looked at the situation. For that reason, we recommend that you call on them if you have concerns about costs. Reading your RV Inspection Report will, however, give you an idea of the seriousness of any defects we find.

8. Do you offer any type of inspection warranty? A RV inspection is not a warranty against any kind of present or future problem. After you receive your written report, we will be happy to discuss it with you by phone or in person and go through it to answer any questions you may have.

9. I don’t live in your area, can I still call you for a RV inspection?  We are connected to RV Inspectors across the country.  If we are not able to perform the inspection, we will place you in contact with one in your area.


  1. Just wanted to say that I wish I had you in our area to inspect before we rushed and bought this “DEAL”. We were blessed in that the owner took a down payment and was willing to let us pay it off in 12 months. We got a 2005 Rockwood by Forest River 31′ travel trailer with slide for $8200. We put $2200 down and $1000 a month and paid it off in 6 payments, final payment made this month. He had it hooked up, everything was running, slow water pressure, couple soft spots but said they had pulled all the carpet out and put thin presswood down for fear of slide hanging up on thicker. Made sense.
    He was the 2nd owner….first owner wrecked the front corner, the back corner and it was patched with ugly mess.
    we can fix it. but the day we set up the converter died. almost 500 bucks. I used the convection oven once, it died. hubby checked it out and we got repair check and too high so we chunked it.

    the fridge doesnt cool at all on electric and on propane it freezes everything! the shower had zero caulking and the wrecked spots caused water damage and rot so all floors in rv need to be replaced . Fridge needs repair or replaced. We took waterlines apart and aparently a filter they had put on it went bad and it was like tiny blue fishtank rocks. We have great pressure now

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