Tip for a Smooth Silicone Patch

All RVers from time to time need to patch up something with Silicone or RTV.  Today, I had to redo the caulking around the kitchen sink.  It was a simple job, but I learned a new trick which I thought I would pass on to the folks that read this blog.

I started with a razor knife and cleaned out all the old sealant, making sure that I got into the crack all the way around the sink.  I also scrapped off any residue that was left over.  I had an old tube of silicone left over from patching a window, which was still good.  So, I laid a thin bead around the sink.  So far, nothing earth shattering.  The trick I learned was to spray the bead with Windex (with Ammonia).  Then with a wad of paper towels handy, I ran my finger over the bead, pushing it into the joint and creating a smooth seal.  Every few inches I wiped my figure on the towel.  First surprise was that nothing stuck to my figure.  Second surprise was I got a great looking seal.


Next week I have to reseal both the drivers side and passenger side windows.  I may make this one into a video, not sure yet.  At the very least I will take pictures of the process.